My goal is to have all of the sand animation done by 10/17! I’m well on my way, but still have a lot to do. Yikes! What I don’t mention in this rough is how the sand and AE animation will alternate, with the sand animation used for when our prime reality is referred to.

Here is a rough slapped together of stuff so far. Editing is still on the back burner:


Here is an idea for a transition that I rejected. Now I need to think of a new transition:

Continued from the previous week

09/27/17 export

I’m starting to feel better as I’ve been able to accomplish some of the work on my massive “to-do list”. I can breath a bit easier now, but certainly can’t let up on my progress.

I’ve got a good thing going on the animation. Once I had Xander and started to finally have time to work on my animation I was then butting up against the continuous needs of an infant. So, I focused on the infant, who now sleeps mostly throughout the night. She requires a 3 am diaper change and a feeding around then too, but goes back to sleep immediately. This means that I can work while she sleeps, taking a 3 am break.

Working all night is certainly rough, but my schedule totally allows for this so I’m just being a student-mom. Anyway, the one drawback I am finding is that I get deliriously tired and forget to take a picture sometimes. I also need to be very planned with what I am going to do because, I can get a bit sloppy at 2, or 4 am.

So anyway, looks like I’ll get my sand animation done as long as Xander sleeps at night. 🙂

Here are some images from my latest work:

I decided a way to represent the “working in semiosis” of many people harmoniously was to replicate a Benetton commercial, that I grew up with then to transition to a globe, which I still need to do.

This is a reshoot of the theatre footage which will be the kids inside of the “culture counteraction device”. It is super difficult to work with kids because finding the right time in their busy day where they are fed, slept, and in a good mood is difficult. I made them watch the second Harry Potter. They wanted to watch Frozen, but they’ve watched Frozen several times and they love it. I didn’t exactly want smiles on their faces and I thought Harry Potter would expand their but it was a bit too dark for them. Nonetheless, the colors from the film that land on their face are also better for my purposes. I got some great shots in this shoot; however, I should have played around longer with the second light– low key because I battled a shaddow. Nonetheless, the feedback I received from the first shoot of this has been incorporated as best as I could with toddlers. 🙂


Cyborg Odyssey

We are three weeks into the new semester and as I re-enter the world of my senior project, I’ve had a few epiphanies.

  1. It might be necessary to make the sand a character.
  2. My script needs to be simplified further. Content will be moved and lines cut out because parts I deemed necessary before no longer seem that way now.
  3. I need to think about the use of color tone and rhythm to affect the expectations of my spectator.
  4. Oh, and music will help. So who will do my music?

title still

Cyborg Odyssey

Cyborg Odyssey is a mixed media work where a cyborg mother is talking to her two sons about how bias and male privilege will be taught to them as they grow up in their culture. She puts them on a culture counteraction ride so that they can learn to be  skeptical of bias.

Video, found footage, after effects animation, and sand animation will be used to cover the distance of the scripted prose voice over.

Here is what I’m thinking needs to be explored/done:

  • I’d like the voice over to have several voices merged together at times as well as to have a mechanical glitch effect ever so often. Furthermore, I’d like for it to have a comforting story telling feel about it.
  • I’ve had difficulty filming some of the parts so I may need to be evasive about who (mother) is speaking so I need to figure out how to make either several women’s faces generalize to that role which means I need to film several people saying “there is something I must tell you” or alternatively mix in found footage, or not show the mother. lastly, I could be that person and that would require another camera person.
  • I might need to reshoot a few things to get more amazing footage.
  • The sand animation is still in the works.
  • The after effects animation is also still in the works.