The Killing of a Chinese Bookie by Cassavetes

During this scene I am struck by wonder of how much of which Cosmos is aware. He sees the other hitman come in, or so it appears, because he seemed to be ready. Yet, I’m not sure how he would have been clued in on who the first target was going to be. It would seem that he would run for protection right away if he was aware of danger. Unless, of course Cosmos was naive to the fact they were sent there to kill him too. The unspoken leaves me wondering if this is a case of restricted narration? Does Cosmos know that he saved his life by showing his wound? Then there is the fact that he essentially played hide and go seek with the second killer and made it out because he just kept quiet.

In a normal Hollywood film, I would be floored by the stupidity of the guy in Cosmos position because he would usually give themselves away. I love the fact that Cosmos just kept quiet and eventually the hitman left. That seems more real to life in my book. Or maybe it just brings me back to a childhood game of hide-and-go-seek there is something child-like about Cosmos.

Hollywood usually portrays women in strip clubs as the center of the attraction. This club is a bit more of a cabaret style club but without all of the choreography and setup a cabaret show typically has. The dressing rooms are small and cramped with girls which is very real-to-life; however, hollywood would typically have a larger dressing room layout. The girls are not real strippers here and their sexuality is not front and center; It seems there are sexual alliances such as between Cosmos and the black girl.

There is just enough nudity to make it a strip club but not enough to overpower the character study going on. Hollywood would typically mesmerize us with glittery outfits and twirling dance moves and nudity that we would only notice character as a side note.

There would be more close-ups of the girl’s body parts. The lighting would be more disco-glamour-like instead of dingy like it is here. The music would be more pumping and catchy instead of quirky and vaudville.

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