Big Night by Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci

It is about time to say something regarding the helper boy-guy whose name I did not catch. He is a constant presence who sees everything. I think it is an interesting grounding point in the narration to have a person like him who even sleeps in the kitchen like a kitchen gnome. But the state I’m left in at the end of the film is still having hope for the restaurant and hoping they don’t give up. They just threw an awesome party and invited guests from the area who will definitely talk about their amazing experience. At the same time the two brothers seem emotionally drained, which can be a good thing. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and it takes a good slap in the face to make us see things differently and to take different more creative action. So, it is possible that something good comes from The Big Night for the restaurant. The way they put their arms around each other shows that they both have slept on what happened the night before and come to breakfast with new resolutions or at least new understanding of the situation. I especially feel this way with Primo. –morgan jones

Tucci is answering a question about family. By answering this question, he answers other questions, almost implicitly: will the brothers stay in America?, for example.

The restaurant Christiano and Primo run does not bring in enough money for them to pay their bills so Christiano asks for advice from Pascal, who owns a very successful restaurant. Pascal, who wants a better cook, in his restaurant sees an opportunity to acquire Primo, who is a genius cook, for himself so he plans to ruin their restaurant.

Christiano and Primo plan the Big Night as an investment because a famous Jazz musician is supposed to dine there and they see it as an opportunity to reinvent their restaurant’s reputation.

Because Pascal planned to ruin their restaurant he never actually invited the jazz musician and so they made an empty investment.

There are other smaller cause and effect chains such as:

  • Christiano breaks up with Phyllis because he is stressed out about money.
  • Primo acts like a kitchen diva because he has no idea their restaurant is going under and is concerned about his principals.
  • Christiano tip toes around subjects that might upset Primo because he angers quickly.
  • Gabriella reveals Pascals lie because she sees that Christiano has lost everything and doesn’t want to be apart of the deciet. (actually I’m not sure I’ve quite captured her cause)
  • Phyllis finally ends it with Christiano because she sees Gabriella kiss him.
  • Phyllis shows up to help Christiano with his Big Night because she is innocent and kind.

One continuous shot magnifies the feeling of being emotionally drained and lets the viewer really absorb this feeling for themselves. It’s as if we are all in the state of having done all we can do so now there is nothing left to do but watch and see what happens. I think the camera work shows this: there are no more fancy edits or angles to show, this is it. -morgan jones

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